Board Games In Happy Meals???

Ah yes, what a novel concept indeed only if we could put our games in the hands of young impressionable children to solidify our branding efforts and help bring rise to a new generation of board game players (aka customers). Well its not as far off as you may think, in fact, one company is kind of doing that right now. Table Topics is sending out a demo versions of there product packaged with every kids meal that Chick-fil-a sells. Here is a picture of what came in my kid’s meal.

Table Topics, while not marketed as a game comes complete with a box, instructions that reference the word play, and cards that players draw to play. So to me it looks like a game and it looks that way to the players. Some might argue that its not a game because there is no clear winner or even a way to score the game. However there is one clear winner and it is the publisher that thought ‘Hey lets send demos to chick-fil-a’ WIN.

So, let take a deep dive into what exactly this is and see if we can learn some something, shall we?

First opening the package there is a small leaflet with a call to action “hey buy this thing on amazon” yeah yeah we got it…. Also what at first looks to be a cheap plastic toy and then you realize. Hey, its not a toy, its a really sweet little card holder with a snap closure.

The cards themselves are small about 2 inches square. The game is playable, though it’s just a demo and only comes with 20 question cards and on cover/rule card printed on medium cardstock with a glossy finish on both sides.

Its worth noting that the other side of the cards are branded with the chick-fil-a kids logo and some of questions may be targeted towards chick-fil-a branding.

I’m not 100% certain but from the first picture we see that their are five different versions of this possibly with other sets of questions pertaining to 5 different categories. So how does it play? Lets take a look at the rules!

If the rules feel a little lack-luster to you that’s because they are, and I think that it was done that way for a reason, I cant speak to the full game but keep in mind this is an entry level demo of sorts to try to sell the real thing if it was to complex it would not appeal to the broadest audience possible, it might be a few years before you see a card drafting euro game boxed up with kids meals, but I’m happy to say for now it does not seem impossible.

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  1. Brandon(Game Coffee Admin) says:

    Really, this is just the start of board gaming coming back to the forefront of social interaction, good way to get a demo of your game out, I wonder if i have any titles I could do this with?

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